First Station

The month of Ches, 1274 DR – The Year of the Purple Toad

Toregar starts the campaign a Haurhammer (Corporal) in the Adbarran military, responsible for a half-dozen soldiers. He is first stationed at an outpost on the mountain slopes roughly 5 miles to the west of Citadel Adbar. The region had proven relatively uneventful for the first few months, but now attacks by orcs and goblinoids grow increasingly more frequent as the campaign begins.

5th of Ches

A small group of 6 goblins are seen on the lower slopes near the outpost just before dawn. They are quickly dispatched once they draw too near the dwarves’ station.

8th of Ches

A pair of bugbears are seen hunting branta. They approach the outpost at twilight, but are spotted and slain easily enough.

16th of Ches

A group of 11 goblins give chase to a dwarven scout in the early morning. The scout barely makes it back to the outpost alive without being shot down. There is a minor skirmish just outside the outpost gate. All goblins are killed, and only two dwarven soldiers wounded.

17th of Ches

Four orcs spotted midday. They are slain on sight.

29th of Ches

A fiery explosion is witnessed on the opposite slope of the outpost. What seems to be a humanoid body tumbles down the slope to the snow-covered valley below. As the dwarves near the valley to investigate, a party of roughly a dozen orcs are seen approaching the body as well. Combat ensues; the opposing group consisting of 12 orc warriors, an orc berserker, one orc shaman, as well as an ogre. After a hard fight the battle is won. Many dwarves are injured, but none perish.
The discovery is indeed a humanoid figure; an unconscious human male in well made, though now tattered robes. He is brought back to the citadel due to the extraordinary nature of his appearance, and to be brought back to health.

30th of Ches

The troop changes guard, and head back to the citadel for some time off.


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