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Shield Dwarven Deities

Moradin Dwarves, Creation, Smithing, Protection, Metalcraft, Stonework Dwarf, Craft, Earth, Good, Law, Protection Hammer and anvil Warhammer Dawn LG
Abbathor Greed Dwarf, Evil, Luck, Trade, Trickery Jeweled dagger Dagger Night NE
Berronar Truesilver Safety, Truth, Home, Healing, Family, Records, Marriage, Faithfulness, Loyalty, Oaths Dwarf, Family, Good, Healing, Law, Protection Two silver rings Heavy Mace Dawn LG
Clangeddin SilverBeard Battle, War, Valor, Bravery, Honor in battle Dwarf, Good, Law, Strength, War Two crossed battleaxes Battleaxe Dawn LG
Dugmaren Brightmantle Scholarship, Discovery, Invention Dwarf, Chaos, Craft, Good, Knowledge, Rune Open book Short sword Dawn CG
Dumathoin Buried wealth, Ores, Gems, Mining, Shield Dwarves, Exploration, Guardian of the dead Dwarf, Cavern, Craft, Earth, Knowledge, Metal, Protection Faceted gem inside a mountain Maul Dawn N
Gorm Gultyn Guardian of all dwarves, Defense, Vigilance Dwarf, Good, Law, Protection, War Bronze mask with eyes of flame Battleaxe Dawn LG
Haela Brightaxe Luck in battle, Joy of battle, Dwarven fighters Dwarf, Chaos, Good, Luck, War Sword wrapped in two spirals of flame Greatsword Dawn CG
Laduguer Magic weapon creation, Artisans, Magic, Gray dwarves Dwarf, Craft, Evil, Law, Magic, Metal, Protection Broken crossbow bolt on a shield Warhammer Dawn LE
Marthammor Duin Guides, Explorers, Expatriates, Travelers, Lightning Dwarf, Good, Protection, Travel Mace in front of fur-trimmed boot Heavy Mace Dawn NG
Sharindlar Healing, Mercy, Romance, Fertility, Dancing, Courtship, The Moon Dwarf, Chaos, Charm, Good, Healing, Moon Flame ring rising from a steel needle Whip Dawn CG
Vergadain Wealth, Luck, Chance, Suspicion, Trickery, Negotiation, Sly cleverness Dwarf, Luck, Trade, Trickery Gold piece Longsword Night N

Religious Holidays

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Temple Locations


  • The Ancient Forge (Ilthazar)
  • The Foundry of Stout Souls (Deep Realms)
  • The Hall of Moradin’s Forge (Citadel Adbar)


  • Abbai Abbathor (Teziir)
  • The House of Gold (Turnback Mountain)

Barronar Truesilver

  • The Abbey of Earthhearth (Firecaverns of the Deep Realm)
  • The Ancient Forge (Iltkazar)

Clangeddin Silverbeard

  • The Battlecavern of Unquenched Valor (Earthfast Mountains)

Dugmaren Brightmantle

  • The Athenaeum of Philosophy (Silverymoon)
  • The Hall of Runestones (Iltkazar)


  • Alter of the Last Stand (Dagger Falls)
  • The Gilded Hall of Glittering Gems (Mines of Mirabar)
  • The Hall of Omlars (Iltkazar)

Gorm Gulthyn

  • The Bronze Mask (Iltkazar)
  • The Great Shieldhall of Eternal Vigilance (Great Rift)

Haela Brightaxe

  • The Hall of Grand Hunts (Forlorn Hills)
  • The Sword Grotto (Tor of Swords, North-Northwest of the Hill of Lost Souls)


  • Overlake Hold (Gracklstugh)
  • The Craftchimney (Underspires)

Marthammor Duin

  • The Hospice of Deadsnows (Mount Sabras in the Nether Mountain)
  • The Vault of the Lost Wayfarer (Berun’s Hill)


  • The Vale of Dancing Water (Sumber Hills)


  • The Trademoot of Golden Fortune (Earthheart on the Great Rift)

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